5 Reasons Why You Need Wash Yo Self in Your Gym Bag

Every gym bag is different, we get it. But make yours stands out by filling it with Wash Yo Self Post-Workout Wipes. You'll have the whole gym wondering just what it is that you're using to stay refreshed during your workout.

5 Reasons Why You Need Wash Yo Self in Your Gym Bag

1) You're able to quickly cleanse yourself of sweat and dirt during your workout so you can keep going to feel as refreshed as possible. 

2) Don't have time to shower? DON'T SWEAT IT! Our wipes leave you feeling fresh out of the shower –– but in a quick and convenient way.

3) Easy disposal. When done using our one-use wipes, throw them away! How easy is that? (not meant to be flushed)

4) Wash Yo Self Wipes can be used all the way from beginning athletes, to professional. From the High School football field to the training room, take these wipes where ever you go. 

5) THEY'RE BIG. Yup, big. Approximately 9" x 10" of aloe and witch hazel infused pre-moistened wipes. 


Fill your gym bag with Wash Yo Self Post-Workout Wipes today! Leave your sweat at the gym and purchase them here.