About Us

Wash Yo Self was conceived by Timothy Cook and 3 crazy sisters who live very different lives, but all had the same problem. Have you ever had a workout with no time to shower? Yes? Us too! We decided to help all athletes from professional to beginner.  We wanted to put together the best ingredients in one package to leave everyone feeling refreshed and clean after every workout. We have a number of athlete ambassadors - give them a follow on their social media! 

If you're an athlete and would like to join our ambassador team, reach out to us at contact@washyoself.com.


Tim Cook owns Built4It Athletics in Prosper, TX where he helps some of the nation's top athletes get into peak form for their various sports.  You can find NBA, NFL, NCAA athletes there on a regular basis.  

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Monica Pittenger, Katie Brading, and Julie Jackson are 3 sisters who are very active and health conscious, with a total of 9 very athletic and active children. Their kids are involved in multiple sports and outdoor activities, bringing home their fair share of sweat and are the reason Wash Yo Self needed to become a reality.  

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