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Fundraising Opportunity for Athletic Department 

We have a unique fundraising opportunity for you.  It is the perfect fundraiser for School Athletics Departments, and let me tell you why.
This company was founded out of a need.  Most middle and high school athletes do not like to shower after athletics: either they are not given enough time, or they have to carry around a wet towel and underwear all day in their backpack due to Covid-19 and locker restrictions.  So, as concerned moms, we started looking around for easy solutions.  We found a few body wipes, but the ingredients were terrible and all of them were made in China.  We wanted our product to be formulated with clean ingredients and to be made in America. After complaining about this to the pro athletes at Built4it Athletics, they were having similar issues.  Our solution was to team up and start our own company, which is how Wash Yo Self was created.  Oversized, individually packaged body wipes, made with aloe and witch-hazel, and MADE IN AMERICA!
So how does this fundraiser work?
You will be given a unique coupon code (we will create a code that is short and catchy and easy to remember).  When your code is used, the customer will be given 10% off their order, and your department will be given a portion of the sale!  That’s it!  There is no overhead for you, all you have to do is promote the code.  You can send an email, send home the attached flyer, put it in the weekly newsletter, share it on your social media… The more people you reach the more sales you will get.
The fundraiser will be active for one week (unless extra time is requested.) When the week is over, our accounting department will send you a check for your portion of all sales that were generated by your unique code.  
That is it!  No money spent on your end.  No risk and very little work… just share the code. Did I mention, we deliver all of the orders?
I will be happy to deliver a pack of free sample wipes to your department so you can use and see the quality of these wipes before you commit to a fundraiser.
Check out our webpage or follow our IG page @wash.yoself

If you're interested, email us at  We look forward to working together!  
Sample Flyer:
Fundraiser Flyer Example