A Message From Our Creators

We based our company on a need, to solve a problem, and to benefit people who struggle with the same problems that we struggle with. That's why created Wash Yo Self. And WOW! We are so glad we did. 
"As an athlete and a mom of 3 little athletes, these wipes have made my life so much easier! I am so proud of the company and product we have built. To all the athletes (and their parents) who support Wash Yo Self, thank you! We are grateful to have you on our team!" - Katie Brading, Co Owner & Founder
But there's more to the story... so keep reading.
As a hard working mother of 3, Monica (pictured above right) grew to learn that her boys couldn't, or didn't have time to shower after sports during school. With a large team, only 3 showers, and just minutes to get everyone clean... some were left without a shower and were, you know... smelly, stinky boys! This is when Monica knew she had a problem to solve. As also an owner of a beauty company called Busy Beauties, she knew how important skincare and cleanliness was for her boys, and tried to solve the problem at hand! There was no product on the market that had what she wanted for her boys: alcohol free, safe, oversized and individually packaged face and body wipes! That was when she decided to make it on her own, and then Wash Yo Self was born.
But, you can't do it all on your own right?! Gym owner and co founder of Wash Yo Self, Tim Cook, also hopped on the idea. He noticed the same idea with his clients and professional athletes at the gym, no one had the time to shower after their workout. Monica's sister, Katie, also joined in as she has three kids of her own as well and experiences the same things.
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