Benefits of Wash Yo Self Ingredients

While thinking of what ingredients we wanted to use for Wash Yo Wipes, we knew it was essential to include ingredients that are great and safe for your skin. That's why we knew it was essential to include aloe and witch hazel. Both of these present great benefits for your skin and leave lasting results! Especially after a workout with lots of sweat, or a game on a dusty field, the sweat and dirt can lead to skin irritation, breakouts and redness. Keep reading for the benefits of ingredients used in Wash Yo Self!

How can Aloe benefit your skin's health? 

(1) Quick relief from small cuts and scuffs on your skin. Will ease the pain quickly.
(2) Aloe helps with dry skin. Working out without a proper cleanse can leave your skin feeling dry, our wipes will not leave you dry!
(3) Reduce inflammation of acne. Sweating can leave your pores dirty, which will result in breakouts. Aloe reduces this chance of your skin breaking out and being irritated.

How can Witch Hazel benefit your skin's health? 

(1) Reduces skin irritation. This could include inflamed, broke, or irritated skin.
(2) Relieves inflammation and swelling.
(3) Prevents infection.
(4) Fights production of acne, and reduces appearance of acne on skin. 
(5) Protects harmful substances from entering pores, skin cells, etc.

Facts about aloe and witch hazel.

So hit the gym, work up a sweat, use a Wash Yo Self wipe and you won't have to worry about dirty and irritated skin!