Made with Clean and Natural Ingredients

A Post workout wipe that will you leave you feeling refreshed, while also keeping your face and skin clean! Wash Yo Self Wipes are 100% safe to be used on your face.


It is important for the wipes we use on our bodies to not leave chemical residue, nor leave you feeling sticky and sweaty after you finish a workout. Wash Yo Self wipes are perfect for maintaining the glow on your skin without resulting in a breakout or flare up. 

Strong enough for sweat and dirt but gentle enough for your face.

Because these wipes are made with aloe vera, your face will be left with a cool and soothing finish, while also clearing up the dirt and sweat accumulated during your workout. 

Fragrance Free - Paraben Free - Oil Free

Wash Yo Self Wipes are also made in the U.S.A with water, flower extract, cucumber fruit extract and more.

So grab a workout buddy, give it your all in the gym, and finish the day with a clean face and body thanks to Wash Yo Self Post-Workout Face & Body Wipes!

Learn more about the creators of these amazing wipes and why we made Wash Yo Self a reality here!


Images captured by AD Media Group