Wash Yo Self Designed For Athletes

No time for a shower? Don't sweat it.

Wash Yo Self post-workout wipes are exactly what you didn't know you were missing!

Wash Yo Self Wipes are made with aloe vera and witch hazel extract. These wipes will give you a clean, cool and refreshing boost after giving it your all at the toughest workout!

Last Monday, June 28th, we hosted a launch event at Built4It Athletics where members of the gym and our own ambassadors worked up a sweat and got to see how truly great these wipes are. With one swipe, athletes (beginner all the way to professional) were left feeling refreshed and clean. 


We hosted athletes of all ranges and levels. Men, women, boys and girls were invited to enjoy their workout and give it one hundred percent -- just to end the day with a refreshing Wash Yo Self cleansing wipe. 

To Add more fun to the day all attendees at the open workout were given the opportunity to win prizes ! We sure had a-lot of happy Winners!  

We look forward to the next event ! 
Keep Going , Keep Achieving, & Leave The Sweat In The Gym!