Fundraiser Opportunity for School Athletic Departments


Wash Yo Self has a unique fundraising opportunity for your school athletics department to raise money for your team. Through this opportunity, you will be given a unique discount code, and whenever your code is used, the customer will receive 10% off. But it gets better! Your department will be given a portion of the sale. EASY! All you have to do on your end is promote the code however you can. Whether that's through a weekly newsletter, an email, a post on social media -- it's up to you! The more people you reach, the more sales you will get. 

Learn more about the fundraiser HERE.

We are also happy to deliver a package of sample wipes to your school so you can test the quality and see them for yourself before you commit to a fundraiser.

If you are interested, please email us at We're looking forward to connecting with you!

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