Momma Said So

Wash Yo Self, Momma said so! 

Mom's don't take the sweat and grime all too well when getting these active kiddos from practice to practice, playground to field, and court to classroom. Wash Yo Self post workout wipes can help with those dirty faces with just one wipe! Avoid the small, easy to tear wipes and purchase your Wash Yo Self wipes today.

Our individually packaged, 9" x 10" wipes are good for just a few swipes to rid your skin of unwanted dirt that could potentially lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Be proactive after a workout, sporting event, or even a hot day to give your face and body a good clean.

After making that tackle, grab a wipe and get that dirt off with no hassle! Easy to pick up dirt, grass and other unwanted messes on your child's skin. Made with a flexible and stretchable material, Wash Yo Self wipes are able to stretch past the developed size to meet your skincare needs.  


Leave your sweat at the gym, the field, or the court and grab a Wash Yo Self wipe to get rid of that unwanted dirt, grime and sweat!