Size Matters

Let's Face it size matters... when it comes to cleaning a surplus of sweat after a hard workout!
Size mattered when designing Wash Yo Self to be large enough to handle large amounts of sweat and grime. 

A post-workout wipe so big that it can clean sweat and dirt from your workout with just one swipe.

Just one of our wipes is measured at 9" x 10" and comes pre-moistened with aloe vera, witch hazel and more ingredients. 

Compared to other facial & body cleansing wipes, we've got them beat! Our multi-swipe facial and body wipe is great for multiple areas of the body to feel clean all around. Get yours today so see the comparison. 

Keep pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself. And remember, Leave The Sweat In The Gym & Stay Clean My Friends!


Imagery captured by AD Media Group