Swap Out Candy for Wash Yo Self

Swap out candy for Wash Yo Self! Or at least just add it to your pile of candy!
Parents! After spending a whole evening walking about and stocking up on candy... it's time to clean up the kids! Because of all the face paint, glitter, sweat, dirt, etc. from the spookes and scares, you need Wash Yo Self to ensure your children are all cleaned up before bed. What's scarier than a stinky kid? Nothing!

Wash Yo Self is perfect for cleaning up the sweat and dirt on your children's face and body, when there's no time for a bath or shower! With convenience and quickness, with just a few swipes all of the Halloween mess will be gone. Ready to make parenting easier? Purchase your wipes below. 

Tips on how you can use Wash Yo Self on Halloween night:

-  Aloe vera and witch hazel are great for reducing redness, so when your child has worked up a sweat with all that walking, this is the perfect solution!

- Our wipes are great for cleaning costume residue, like glitter or paint.

- Keep some wipes on hand so you can hand some out to trick or treaters.