Up Your Post-Game Refresher

How does your child refresh after their game? After running, sweating, and giving it their all, your child deserves to feel their best. We have the perfect solution for you and your kids. Our post-workout wipe is essential to any post-game routine.
We've curated the perfect list of post-game refreshers that will make your child feel GREAT!
- A Wash Yo Self Wipe
- Gatorade, or some fluid containing electrolytes
- An energizing & healthy snack
Often times, after games and sporting events your child is left with a sweaty, red and inflamed face. The ingredients in Wash Yo Self are the perfect solution for that. Aloe vera and witch hazel are great for inflammatory faces, decreasing redness, and leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed.
Be the cool parent and have a Wash Yo Self wipe ready for your child after their game! You'll need some too while watching your child win that game!
What's good about us? Well, let us tell you. We're individually packed for convenience, cleanliness, and function. We're almost double the size of our competitors, and we leave you feeling refreshed and clean -- even when there's no time for a shower.