Wash Yo Self Tips and Tricks

Wash Yo Self was made for convenience and to ensure you are feeling as clean as possible after your workout, and while you're on the go. As a parent of sporty kids, a hard working athlete, or just a victim of a sweaty day, Wash Yo Self is always here! To make your wipes even better, we've curated a list of helpful tips and tricks that you won't want to miss out on. 


(1) Keep a few wipes in your bag, car console or purse for quick and easy access.
(2) Keep a few in the fridge so they're extra cooling and refreshing. Perfect tactic for after yard work, exercise or just sitting outside in this insanely hot weather! 
(3) Store a few wipes in coolers for an after game refresher for your kids sporting events. Even grab one for yourself while you sit in the hot sun! 
(4) Always keep extras on you, so when your friend asks what those amazing wipes are you can hand some over!

Keep on sweating, we got you! Wash Yo Self is always here to keep you refreshed and motivated for your next sweat sesh.