We Put the Fun in Fundraiser

Wash Yo Self and fundraising go hand in hand. We're so lucky we get to work with amazing teams, schools and people to raise money and spread awareness about our awesome product! If you happen to stop by the tennis courts at Rock Hill High School in Prosper, take a picture of our banner and tag us, help us spread the word! 
We've had the pleasure of working on fundraisers with amazing schools and teams like Prosper Girls Lacrosse and Rogers Middle School, thank you. When you collaborate with us on a fundraiser, there is no cost or risk on your end. Your school / team gets a unique code, and then the fundraising starts! All you have to do is promote your code.  
Thank you to those who have worked on a fundraiser with us, and those who may in the future! If you'd like to fundraise with us contact us!