Where do you Wash Yo Self?

We're growing and expanding so fast, we've made it across the country! And soon, around the world! We're not limited to the basketball court or football field, or even Texas for that matter. So... where do you Wash Yo Self? 
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Our wipes are great for cooling off after an intense workout, a game, or even just working up a sweat while walking, running errands, or just when you need a cooling refresher. When you're traveling or on the go -- don't forget to pack a few wipes for the road! 

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What's good about us? Well, let us tell you. We're individually packed for convenience, cleanliness, and function. We're almost double the size of our competitors, and we leave you feeling refreshed and clean -- even when there's no time for a shower. 

Each week we are going to feature one of our amazing ambassadors on our newsletter! This week, say hi to Tiffany. A mother, chef, podcast host, influencer, and workout fanatic. Tiffany is always on the go, that's why she loves Wash Yo Self! She can use our wipes in-between a workout, errands, or whenever needed!