Your New Post-Workout Regimen

How do you clean up after giving it your all in the gym? You've spent the past hour dedicated, working up a sweat, and accumulating dirt and grime. Now what? Wash Yo Self post-workout wipes are the perfect new addition to your post workout routine. 

It is often that athletes don't have time to shower directly after their workout, and especially with COVID-19, showering at the gym may not be an option anymore. Wash Yo Self post-workout wipes are the solution you didn't know you needed. Don't let the sweat and dirt seep into your skin, be proactive and grab a Wash Yo Self wipe! 

STEP 1: Don't give up, keep working and build up that sweat.
STEP 2: Go to your gym bag and grab a Wash Yo Self wipe.
STEP 3: Open the package and start ridding yourself of the dirt, sweat and grime you built up at the gym.
STEP 4: Leave the gym feeling like you're fresh out of the shower, even when there isn't time for one. 

Designed to cleanse yo' self of the dirt, sweat and grime after a tough workout, these wipes are meant to give you a refreshing feeling when you have no time for a shower. Made with aloe and witch hazel to give you the boost you needed.